Descriptions for the classes

Ian's Classes

Aqua Kungfu on Saturday at 11.05-11.50

Aqua Kungfu is the ultimate traditional martial arts workout. It combines the elements of smooth, soft and elegant movements, while challenging your flexibility and focus. The ancient art of “centering” plays a direct part in the participant’s ability to improve balance and provides the best opportunity for full and meaningful ranges of motion. 

Aqua Hip Hop on Friday at 18.00-18.45

Aqua Hip Hop challenges the stereo types, regarding mood, music, movement and method. This class pushes the 4M’s to ultimate heights by incorporating the “best of the best” urban dance movements in a unique and fun way. Absolutely no dance skills necessary, all you needs is a desire to have fun, burn calories and shake your booty!!

Caribbean Sensation on Sunday at 12.40-13.25

Caribbean sensation is a sensationally hot, rhythmic and heart pumping master class which utilizes the music of the islands and provides a unique “never before blend” of African and Indian original music and movements . The amazing undertone of cultural diversity experienced through the adaptations made for water, makes this class a must attend. DONT MISS THIS CLASS!


Ekaterina's Classes

Lines Training on Sunday at 9.55-10.40

A deep water class with elements of synchronized swimming. Equipment: aquabelts. For
advanced people.

Pilates & Ballet on Friday at 19.45-20.30

This shallow water class is a mix of movements from classical choreography and pilates.
The principe of interval training is used in this class. No equipment.

AquaRussia on Saturday at 9.15-10.00

Traditional russian style shallow water class. A lot of short combinations. Equipment: gloves. For advanced people.


Tatiana's Classes

AquaHarmony on Saturday at 15.10-16.0

A cool down class in shallow water. Just flowing and relaxing. Light and smooth movements in water. Simple and beautiful movements will lead to a mental and physical relaxation and recovery after intensive strain or an unlucky day. The class also improves the movement of joints.

Noodle Trip on
Sunday at 11.50-12.35

Training with noodle in deep water. You can use noodles in several positions and for various purposes. Everyone will find something new, interesting and effective on this trip!

Funny Sunny on Friday at 18.50-19.35

Shallow water class. Let's play and take pleasure in strength training! Equipment: HipperSmiles.



Piia's Classes

Legpower with underwater trampolines on Saturday at 14.20-15.05

This new water-training equipment  is super effective and it builds up your general fitness especially the strength of your legs. Try how many various moves there are for you, athletes and rehabilitees. Emphasis of the class is on improving the strenght of the leg muscles. With this equipment you can find new revolutionary ways to work on your balance- and  coordination-control. If you do not try this, you are missing all the fun of the bounce! Right from the start Underwater trampoline became one of the favourites.  Finnish KG-Magazine rated it the funniest new sport in 2010.